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Buying and Installing LED Lights for Boats

When it comes to buying LED lights for boats, there are many options available. Once you decide on color and all of the other details, you can then explore the installation process. LED lights are amongst the most popular forms of lighting because they have a significant amount of light output and work efficiently. While they may be more expensive in some instances, they do last longer, which is highly desirable.

12 volt LED lights work easily to illuminate a small area. The lights are sealed and waterproof, making them ideal to use in all areas of a boat. If you are searching for yacht lights, these can be just what you need to light up the utility areas and anywhere else where you don’t currently have lighting.

It can also be advantageous to upgrade to LED lights where you already have lighting from another source. It will provide more lighting and be more efficient, ensuring you don’t have to replace bulbs with any frequency.
LED lights for boats are very easy to install, and you won’t need a professional to do any of the work. There are plenty of how-to guides and videos that will walk you through step by step of installing the lights on your own.

The steps involved will vary based upon what’s already present in terms of lighting. You will need a power supply, power cable, soldering iron, and the LEDs, which may be in the form of a light strip.

The first step is to prep the power cable, which means accessing the wires that are in place. The wires then need to be exposed, which requires cutting through the casing. Some of the casing should then be removed to access the wires that are inside. From there, the wires are separated and identified. The individual wires will need to be stripped, and this is when the soldering can take place to ensure all of the wires are connected properly. The strip can then be attached to the solder switch, and the AC cable can be plugged into the power supply.

LEDs are going to last a considerable amount of time and particularly when you are looking at lighting up areas on and around a boat, you want lighting that is going to last. It can be easy to install, especially if you have pre-existing wiring that you can borrow.

When you take the time to shop your options, you can find various sizes and colors of LED lights. This ensures you have what you need to light up the boat and even be able to see into the water with greater clarity.

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Useful Tips When Setting Up Dock Marine Lighting

Marine lighting for the dock is essential for providing security to your boats and to people residing or visiting the marina. Dock lighting also creates an aesthetic appeal at night if set up in the correct way. You need to think about a number of aspects when lighting your dock from the visibility of your lights to the wet and corrosive environment. Consider these factors when adding lights for dock safety:

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Type of lighting

Lighting for the dock may be solar powered, electric powered or glowing lights. Electricity may not be a suitable option in a wet environment like the dock. Glow dock lights and solar powered lights are, therefore, a suitable and safe option and are charged during the day. Additionally, solar lights turn on automatically at sunset when daylight dims and turn off at sunrise.

Water-resistant housing for marine outdoor lighting

Quality housing for dock lighting should be made from long-lasting plastics that can repel moisture and mineral salts from the wet and saline environment. You can Shop online for Marine Lights. Lights housed in metal will not last as they are prone to rust and will shorten the lifespan of your marine lighting.

Short marine dock lighting

Dock lighting should be maintained at a lower level for enhanced safety especially at night. Lights should be mounted on pillars standing at knee or hip level. These lights that should also have moderate illumination will prevent collisions with other boats and with the dock. Marine led lighting mounted at 35 inches above the ground level will enable you to safely board and disembark your boat at night when visibility is poor.

Illuminate your dock end

Steering a boat to the dock may present a few challenges if your dock end is poorly lit. To mark out your dock end, use a grouping of lights that you can easily identify. Red and green navigation lights (check them out here) are easy to reckon with even for a visitor when mooring a boat to the correct side. Bumping on the dock end will be avoided with proper illumination.

Marine LED lighting for the dock area is paramount when it comes to safety issues. Getting the right lighting and installing it the right way will save you the burden of accidents and unnecessary expenses from repairs and replacements. Perko Marine lighting providers also sell a variety of dock lights that will suit your need at affordable prices. You can buy dock lights online or visit your local store dealing in marine accessories to choose your ideal lights.